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Keeping Your Look HOT & FRESH After 40!

by | Mar 11, 2020

Some people think putting effort into your external appearance is vain and that a person can’t be authentic and feel pretty at the same time.

That’s BS !

There’s so much pressure surrounding how we look that it’s a landmine to suggest women put effort into their outward appearance. Lord knows I’ve had my own struggles over the years feeling pretty or good enough.

I’ve noticed though that something happens somewhere around 40. It gets harder and harder to keep everything up and the world doesn’t care anyway because well, we’re 40-year-old women.

Many women kind of just quit. My girlfriend told me about a friend she has that started letting her chin hair grow!  I’ve noticed another (not so glamourous trend) of super oversized cover-ups and sweaters.  These things make curvy 40 something women look like they are wearing modern-day moo-moos!

Here’s the thing, the point is no longer about impressing men, the point becomes about impressing ourselves- oh yes, and out tribe of girlfriends who will always notice our efforts!   Feeling pretty is both an internal and external experience.  Letting yourself go and hiding all your curves ultimately makes you feel yucky about yourself. 

Continuing to take care of yourself is part of self-love. It is FUN to try out new looks and experiment with a new vibrant lip color👄!  Resist the urge to give up on you. Exfoliate, shop, and for goodness sakes, keep the chin hair plucked!

Ok, let’s hear it…is this important to you? What other things do you do to keep your look fresh and bold?


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