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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out – And Other Reasons Not To Try

by | Mar 11, 2020

Four years ago when I was concepting our farm to table fast-casual restaurant @Locavores I was often told, ‘oh, you’ll be married to the business. You won’t ever get away”. I knew this would be true for a while. But, I also knew this way of working was not going to be my reality long term.

My plan from the very beginning was to create a business that could run well and with a firmly rooted culture without me. So early on, I worked on processes. I had to build a team that would follow those processes and valued the good we were trying to bring to the world. THAT, was not easy. It still is not easy. It is something that needs monitored and adjustments need to be made.

Doing this though, has allowed me to continue to spread my wings. I can work ON the business rather than IN the business.

Whether in life or business, how many times do we unknowingly let others’ statements become our reality?
At any moment, we have the opportunity to decide to think differently. We can say NO to what others’ beliefs are. Shifting our thinking to say, ‘if I were to do this so that my business did ______(insert here), what would have to happen?’ Live, function, plan and strategize with that as your reality.

What have others told you your work or business should be like? How have you or plan to change that narrative?


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